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Sierra Stories

tahoewintergirls02Mark McLaughlin writes columns and articles for many regional and national publications. Written in a clear and easy to read style, Mark's informative stories about California and Nevada history are entertaining and very popular with readers of all ages.

As a weather historian, Mark's work frequently focuses on how weather and climate has affected people living or traveling in the western United States. In 1846 an early winter trapped the Donner Party east of the Sierra Crest and blocked the pioneers from reaching California.

Downhill skiing as a sport was initiated in the West when California gold miners organized America's first ski club in the 1860s. A sampling of Mark's stories and articles are offered below for your reading pleasure. We will be posting new stories and photographs on a regular basis so come back and visit again. Don't forget to tell your friends.

Weather Stories


"Just a note to share with you how much I appreciate your articles on weather and climate in our region which I read in the South Lake Tahoe Daily Tribune. You have the ability to make a complex subject understandable to those of us without a technical background. It was news to me, for example, that the measured water year in the Sierra is different from that of the lower elevations. Thank you for respecting the intelligence of readers by sharing articles of such high quality."

         — Sincerely, K.H., South Lake Tahoe, CA

Sierra Ski Stories

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